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From: The Trading Desk Of Nicola Delic
Re: My Personal Life Story…

Date: March 20, 2022

Fellow Traders,

My name is Nicola Delic and I’ve been in the world of finance for the last six years. In this short period of time I became one of the leading analyst and traders on the Balkan. I’m currently employed as Chief Executive Officer at Singapore Grand Capital, Analyst at Elliott Wave Forex Signals & Trading Coach at Elliott Wave Maestro. On the daily basis I’m also writing currency market reviews for the leading forex portals around the world. For my analysis and trading I’m using combination of technical (Elliott Wave and Correlation) and fundamental analysis. My work is based on the following principles: patience, discipline, strict money and risk management.

How & Why I Started Forex Trading

I can remember this like it was yesterday, day like any other I was sitting in my room and watching some YouTube videos when I missed click on the wall street warriors video. At the end of the video something changed inside me, I become very interested in trading stocks, because I saw this guy Timothy Sikes who traded penny stocks from his apartment in a bathrobe and he made a lot of money. I said to myself “you are good with match, you need to try this, and maybe this will be the right job for you”. That is exactly what I did, I started searching on Google for trading stocks, penny stocks , and after a few days of searching I decided to start my trading journey with learning about currency trading (forex trading).Now you may ask yourself why would you learn forex when Tim was trading Penny stocks? Answer is simple, this kind of trading won’t require a lot of money for me to start! I read literally 20 books before I opened my first account. After a year spend on learning and trading on my first $500 account I realized that my losses are much higher than winning and my account dropped 50% in only one year, so I decided to learn something that can help me to make better trading decisions, It’s called Elliott Wave Impact.

Elliott Wave Impact

I read on many forums about something called the Elliott Wave Theory. I bought R. Pretcher’s Book “Elliott Wave Principle”, which was a difficult read. After the second time reading this excellent book I realized that this is the only strategy that has a proven track record over almost 100 years. Therefore I decided to master it.
It was difficult to get into all the subtleties of the Elliot Wave theory but it proved an excellent decision since this strategy had a huge impact on my trading skills.
I continued to practice (minimum 8 hours a day until I’d master it). This helped me to increase the number of winning trades and to also reduce the numbers of losing trades.
Getting into this theory wasn’t just about seeing the market more clearly, it also helped me to handle my emotions while trading.I think this is due mainly to the fact that the Elliott Wave Theory tells you exactly where to put stop losses and how much you can expect the market to rise or fall.

My Business Life

I always had some big ideas in my head, a lot of my friends just thought I dreamed unrealistic things, but I never wanted to have a boss and to work 8h a day! So I’ve started my first company at 2010, Singapore Grand Capital Ltd. My primary goal was to do consulting for retail traders, and that’s how everything started… I can tell you that it took me almost a year of hard work and lots of marketing to get my first client, but I was trading every day so I could handle losses that company was making (marketing, developing, etc.). My company have been working since 2010 and currently we have around 1,000 members all over the world subscribed to my forecast or coaching services.I know this was not something that comes over night, but it was a great life experience. Not only that I made few bucks from my client I’ve also improved my trading skills, and now I can say that I’m really proud on how my trading looks today. While I was trying to grow my own company, my trading experience rapidly grow by working for leading companies in financial world,  here is the list of companies where i grow my experience, Instaforex (Senior Analyst & Educator), FTI Consulting (Analyst & Trader), ElliottWave-Forecast (Analyst), ForexMoney (Senior Analyst), Tivat Investment (Chief Trader)…We are almost at the end of my life story so let me show you what I am planning for the next 5-10 years.

My Plans For Future

It will maybe sound a little bit strange, at least it’s going to be sound strange for everyone that know me for a long period of time. But I’m planning something completely different for myself in the coming years… My next goal on the list is to retire in the next 12-24 months and to open a charity foundation that will help other people.

But let me be clear, I won’t stop trading for sure, since trading become a really important aspect of my life, only thing I want is to cut the number of working hours a little bit to the normal range (6-8h sound perfect) and also since I can’t imagine myself not working completely (a lot of people say I’m workaholic, I guess I am if we just look that I work right now 20h per day including weekends) and that’s why I think charity can occupy me in a good way.

Now when you got to know me, go and check my trading blog, I think you will find it interesting and I can bet you right now that your trading knowledge will start to increase really fast.