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Easy Way to Spot Elliott Waves with Just One Secret Tip (You Must See This)

Trading Elliott Wave Power, really do not need to be something hard, you don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to learn how to count waves from 1 to 5 and from A to C! I received over 500 emails in the last five years since I start trading, where people was asking me how to start counting the waves. There is a lot of different ways, but today i want to share one secret tip (maybe not so secret) that will help you to find in what wave you are in market (forex, stock, futures, commodity… work in all markets)! Before we start, I want to say just two words “TRIANGLE PATTERN“.


Triangles are one of the easiest patterns to spot, on the picture below I made how perfect triangle should look like, so you can see what you need to find. There is a only few thing that you need to know about triangle wave patterns, before you start counting. This type of pattern can only appear in the two waves (so that increased accuracy of your wave count), corrective wave 4 or wave B. You also need to know that triangles subdivide into five smaller five waves labeled with letters (A,B,C,D,E), and each of this five waves subdivide into three waves (corrective waves).  Ok now when you know basic rules of triangles let’s see how to spot and determinate one wave count on the clean chart (no indicator, no Fibonacci, or no trend lines).


For this article I randomly choose one of the 10 Hours charts from my platform. We can see that longer term picture of the CHF/JPY currency pair is showing bullish trend, but can you spot pattern from previous picture on the CHF/JPY chart? I think you can, don’t worry if you can’t, try few times and if you think you labeled it right go and check the next chart.


I guess more than 90% of my readers spot triangle correct, so on this chart you can see how I labeled this pattern as A,B,C,D,E (Coloured Green) only, and now we need to ask ourselves, can we count sharp movement before the wave A as five or three wave move (if we can count 3 waves we are in the 4 wave, if we can count 5 waves we are in the B wave). So your next assignment is to count impulsive structure starting from March 2013 all the way to April 10.


Ok, now on the chart we have added some more information that can help us to figure where is this market moving next. In my opinion we are currently in the 4 wave (I can count 3 not 5 waves) and we got one more wave to go before market change direction (after 5 waves move we know there will be some sort of correction). So now when we know what to expect next, we need to see how much this currency pair can move, and to figure this you need to learn one more guideline. According to R.N.Elliott (Father of Elliott Wave Theory), wave 5 should retrace 61.8% of the wave 3 (there is a lot of ways to find how to calculate wave 5, but I want to give you easiest way for now) and when you know this you can just use Fibonacci retracement tool and project profit levels for your next trade! For the Stop Levels you can use this rule: wave 4 can’t go into territory of the wave 1(one of three rules of impulsive waves). I know you are impatient to see how final chart look like, so go and check it right now!


This is example how you can turn only #1 tip, and project your next trading idea within next few hours of practicing on how to spot triangles. But now I want to ask you one question! You have spent only 10 minutes (someone 5 minutes) reading this small articles that is let say 600-700 words long, you have looked at 4-5 charts, and now you are able to find grate trading idea that can make you money every day! My point of today lesson is: don’t listen to people telling you trading Elliott waves is hard, you need to be genius to find wave patterns or any other stupid question, You now have some kind of picture in your had how wave power works, if you want to continue learning this amazing system you can check a lot of articles on this blog that will improve your trading skills, or you can go and buy my live coaching program and work with me until you made money trading on the forex market!

Enjoy Your Wave Power,

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